We can provide services for:

We cannot provide services for:

  • Life threatening or serious illnesses or injuries

  • Long-term illness like diabetes

  • Any concern that has lasted more than three months

  • Physicals or general checkups

  • Concerns located on the face, hands, or feet

  • Prescriptions or refills

  • Eye concerns



All services without an asterisk(*) are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of every week from 7pm - 9pm. Please call in for a same-day appointment starting at 5:45pm (or 5:30pm for clients who identify as being homeless).

TB tests are also available every Saturday and the 1st Tuesday of each month. Click here for more on TB testing. For a schedule showing all of the clinic's services, go here

The clinic only accepts same-day appointments for services Monday through Friday, so clients should call (510-548-2570) starting at 5:45PM (5:30 for homeless clients) to schedule an appointment on the day that they would like one.