The Berkeley Free Clinic provides free counseling and testing for Hepatitis A, B, and C and vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus and Diphtheria, and Influenza.

We provide Hepatitis testing and counseling on Saturday and Sundays every week.

Income Qualifications for Hepatitis Vaccinations

As a result of acquiring our Hepatitis A, B, and C vaccinations from GSK and Merck (two pharmaceutical companies with common treatments for Hepatitis), we are required to track the number of vaccinations given to low-income individuals. To help us account for our aid to low-income individuals, please bring any of the following documents if your monthly gross income is less than the amount corresponding to your household size. Thank you for helping us provide Hepatitis vaccinations!

Household Size





For each additional person add $795.83

Gross Monthly Income

$ 2267.75

$ 3064.58

$ 3860.42

$ 4656.25

Acceptable proofs of income (any one of the following is acceptable)

  • Income tax form (pg 1 of 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ)
  • Bank statement showing salaries and wages deposited by employer
  • Documentation or pay stub for one month
  • Unemployment award letter
  • Social security, pension or veteran benefit statement

If you can't provide proof of income, please come to us anyway! We want to help.

If your income is above these amounts, we will ask that you finish the series of 3 vaccination shots with a primary care physician and not at the Berkeley Free Clinic so we can ensure the availability of vaccinations for those with low-income.

It is essential that you complete the full series of vaccinating shots - 1 or 2 shots alone will not prevent Hepatitis.


On Saturdays we see two groups of people:

  • From 11am - 2pm we can only see non-cisgender men (women, transpersons, and gender non-conforming individuals). No appointment is necessary.
  • From 3pm - 5pm we can see all clients! Please call from 1pm - 3pm on Saturdays to make an appointment.

On Sundays we only see cisgender men from 4pm -7pm.  We do not accept appointments. Drop-in clients only.