HIV Prevention Services (HPS) formed in 1989. In response to HIV stigma and criminalization, we began offering anonymous HIV tests, where clients could learn their status without fear of having to provide personal information. Our section has evolved with the epidemic and although we continue our original mission of providing HIV test counseling in a client-centered, non-judgmental environment, we provide a wider range of services than we used to. Although we remain one of the only organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides anonymous rapid HIV testing, we also provide rapid Hepatitis C testing, vaccination, as well as sexual health education and linkage to medical care.

Most of our services are offered in outreach settings, including the Suitcase Clinics, local homeless shelters, syringe distribution programs, and encampments. We also provide in-clinic services on Saturday afternoons from 1-4pm.

We try to keep our services as accessible as possible. There are no eligibility requirements whatsoever and clients can provide as much or as little information about themselves as comfortable.

Our Services:

We run rapid HIV and hepatitis C tests that use blood from a finger stick and provide results in 15 minutes. Clients who test positive are provided linkage to follow-up testing and medical care. If you test positive, we'll be here to support you until you feel good about the medical care you're receiving. We can also provide sexual health counseling, basic PrEP navigation services, and some routine vaccinations including flu shots and the hepatitis A vaccine. If you need services that the Free Clinic doesn't provide, we'll help you find those services elsewhere.

Our goal is to provide clients with the information they need to make empowered decisions about their sexual health. As such, we work from a harm-reduction philosophy that supports clients in making their own choices about safer sex and substance use without feeling stigmatized or judged. HPS always has and always will be committed to providing client centered care and creating a safe space for everyone who comes to see us. We provide services to any client regardless of gender and sexuality – no eligibility screening, no questions asked.

If you want us to provide outreach testing in your community or organization, feel free to contact us at

All-Clinic Orientation

If you are interested in getting more info about volunteering, please attend an All-Clinic Orientation (ACO)! that takes place the third Monday of every month at 7:30PM. We will be there to answer any questions you have about the funding section and talk about your interests. Please note, it is requirement for all prospective volunteers (except GMHC administrative volunteers) to attend an ACO.