As of now, HPS will be available to clients in-house on Saturdays from 2:30pm-4:30pm.

HIV Prevention Services (HPS) is a section with a legacy that began during 1989 at the onset of HIV epidemic. Today we are still carrying on with the original mission of dedicating ourselves to creating an open and inclusive environment where HPS counselors can provide client-centered counseling. We are one of the only clinics that offer both anonymous and confidential testing, giving our clients the right to choose what they feel most comfortable with. Anonymous HIV testing means that we do not collect identifying information about the client. 

Right now we are currently making some exciting new reforms to our section and trying to incorporate a more outreach based approach in our section so we can most effectively reach those who are most in need of our services. 

Supporting the education of the public and harm-reduction are two of the most important goals we aim to achieve in our section, and we are eager to expand out into new outreach sites to fulfill this. HPS always has and always will be committed to providing client centered care and creating a safe space for everyone who comes to see us.

The HIV Prevention Services Section (HPS) is not currently accepting applications for new volunteers.