Last updated: 7/1/2015

There will be no dental lotteries in July. Our sincerest apologies. Please give us a call or check out our referrals page for other community resources. 
Medi-Cal beneficiaries now have access to dental services under their Medi-Cal coverage. Please go to the Denti-Cal website to learn more. The Berkeley Free Clinic does not accept Medi-Cal or Denti-Cal. 
Disregard the dental voicemail - it is out-of-date. Please see below for more details regarding lottery.


     We provide these services:

  • Dental Examination and Check-Ups
  • Dental Cleanings
  • X-ray services
  • Fillings
    • Plastic/Composite
    • Metal/Amalgam
  • Extractions


      We DO NOT guarantee these services:

  • Emergency Services - please call Highland Hospital for emergency dental care at (510) 437-4473
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (veneers, whitening, etc)
  • Prosthetic Dental Appliances (dentures, removable partial dentures, repair of dentures, etc)
  • Crowns
  • Surgical Dentistry (implants, surgical extractions)
  • Dental Specialties (orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, oral pathology, oral surgery)

For low-cost Bay Area dental resources, please see Resources.




If you are a dental professional and would like to make a difference in the community, please fill out the form below to organize your visit to the Berkeley Free Clinic.


Lottery for New Clients

Lottery intake for one person will be held on the evenings of Thursday May 7th, Monday June 1st and Wednesday June 3rd 2015.
Lottery slips are due at 6:00pm on that evening. Attendance of a 30-minute presentation at 6:00pm is required to enter.
Disregard the dental voicemail - it is out-of-date. Please see below for more details regarding lottery.
The dental clinic only accepts new clients through a lottery drawing. First-time clients must go through the lottery. Here is a timeline of lottery night:
5:30pm - Clinic opens. Lottery participants can enter, receive a dental lottery slip from the front desk, fill it out, and put it in the lottery fish bowl.
6:00pm - Last call for lottery slips. Dental volunteers bring the fish bowl into the dental clinic to screen for duplicate entries and to select the lottery patient.
6:00pm - All lottery participants are required to attend an oral health presentation from 6:00pm to 6:30pm. 
6:30pm - The lottery patient is announced.

In the past, up to 40 people have showed up to lottery night, and usually only 1 person is chosen. We understand that everyone who comes to our clinic is in need of dental care, but it is impossible to see everyone who enters the lottery. We encourage participants to enter multiple lotteries and to attend dental lotteries held by the Suitcase Clinic on certain Tuesday nights.

Please also note the time commitment for the lottery and plan accordingly. There is no advantage in being early, since this is a lottery, not first-come-first-served. We do not allow selected lottery winners to transfer their privileges to others, and we do not allow participants to enter the lottery on behalf of someone else.

Once chosen in a lottery drawing, the lottery patient is eligible to receive services for life. The lottery patient will remain at the clinic to fill out paperwork, receive x-rays and see a dentist for an exam later in the evening. Please note that this may take a few hours, so plan accordingly. Also, even if you may know what procedure must be done, we still must take x-rays and do a proper exam before performing treatment.

We are not an emergency dental clinic. For emergency dental care, please call Highland Hospital Dental Clinic: (510) 437-4473.

IN THE NEWS: The state of California is reinstating dental benefits for adults with Medi-Cal beginning in May 2014. If you qualify for Medi-Cal, this may be a great opportunity for dental care. The Berkeley Free Clinic will always be free, and does not accept Medi-Cal or any types of insurance.

About Dental

Daniel Nam, DDS
Director of Dental Services

Dr. Daniel Nam is a graduate of the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. He has made a happy home of the Bay Area, and has worked hard to expand the scope of services at the Berkeley Free Clinic (in conjuction with the Suitcase Clinic) during the eight years he has been with this organization. He can proudly say that patients can now receive comprehensive care, in large part due to his tremendous effort.