TB Testing

No TB testing available tonight, Tue 3-18-14. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep this site updated. Other places to get a low-cost TB test ($35 or less):

Healthy Oakland (510) 444-9155

Concentra Urgent Care (510) 465-9565

Berkeley Health Center (510) 843-6194

Berkeley Public Health Clinic (510) 981-5350



We offer the TB skin test, also known as the PPD test, Monday-Saturday by same-night appointment only. We see as many clients as possible, based on the order we hear from clients.


Monday-Friday: For a same-night appointment, call us at:

                          5:30 pm if you are HOMELESS

                          5:45 pm if you are NOT HOMELESS

Saturday: Call at 1pm for an appointment later that afternoon.


The TB test is not complete until you return to the clinic 48-72 hours later for your result. Please check below and make sure you will be able to come back for your result. When you get the test, your medic will make the follow-up appointment with you so you don't have to call in again.

Test DayReturn On...
MondayWednesday or Thursday night
TuesdayThursday or Friday night
WednesdayFriday night or Saturday afternoon
ThursdaySunday night ONLY
FridayMonday night ONLY
SaturdayMonday night ONLY