The Berkeley Free Clinic provides free, confidential peer counseling for individuals.

Services are provided by lay volunteers trained in active listening. We give our clients the space to explore whatever it is they would like to talk about. We do not give advice, provide treatment, or make diagnoses.

We cannot write or fill prescriptions. We do offer referrals to other low-cost Bay Area mental health resources.

Ongoing peer counseling

After you have come to a drop-in session, it is possible to set up regular sessions outside of drop-in hours, depending on the preference and comfort of you and your peer counselor. Feel free to ask about ongoing peer counseling.  


Monday - Friday: Drop-in hours are from 6:30pm - 8:30pm and are open to everyone. Sessions run approximately 60 minutes. 

Saturday: Drop-in 30-minute sessions are offered for women, transgender clients, and gender non-conforming individuals from 12pm- 2:30pm.

Open to everyone age eighteen and up.