Monday through Saturday the Peer Counseling Collective provides free, confidential peer counseling for individuals.

In our 60- or 30-minute sessions, we use active listening style peer counseling to hear and understand clients' thoughts and concerns. We do not give advice, provide treatment, or make diagnoses. We also cannot write or fill prescriptions but we do offer referrals to other low-cost Bay Area mental health resources. 

Our training is a self-exploratory learning experience that prepares its trainees well for peer counseling in a community-centered health model. The training lasts six months and takes place on Thursday evenings and Sundays. We require a one-year commitment after training to volunteer within the Peer Counseling Collective. This commitment involves staffing shift nights as well as being an active member of our collective. 

PCC Volunteer Applications now open!

Click here for the application.

We are welcoming applications for the Berkeley Free Clinic (BFC) Peer Counseling Collective (PCC) training class 2020.

All applicants must attend one All Clinic Orientation, which happens the 3rd Monday of each month. 

Attendance at one of the scheduled PCC Info sessions is also required before applications will be considered:

  • Oct 10th, 7PM Thursday Info session 1

  • Oct 26th, 11AM Saturday Info session 2

  • Nov 14th, 7PM Thursday Info session 3

Attendance is limited, please RSVP by emailing your preferred date

  • Application deadline: Wednesday, Dec 4th 2019

  • Interviews: Jan 2020

  • Decisions: Feb 2020

  • Training period: March 2020 - Sep 2020

Our training is a self-exploratory learning experience that prepares you for peer counseling in a community and client-centered health model. The training takes place on alternating Sundays and Thursday nights over a six month period.

After a successful completion of the training requirements, a voted-in member of the collective is expected to commit to a year of volunteering at the BFC. This commitment involves staffing shift nights as a peer counselor as well as actively supporting the collective, attending meetings and continuing your education.                        

We are looking for volunteers who:  

  • Believe in health care for people, not for profit! 

  • Want to be part of a collective where there is no hierarchy and all decisions are made collectively 

  • Are ready to explore issues of oppression and life challenges in a non-judgmental way 

  • Are from different backgrounds and have lived a range of experiences 

  • Are eager to develop new skills and learn about themselves in the process 

  • Commit to attending all classes and completing all training requirements

  • Can make a one-year commitment after completion of the training, which includes being a peer-counselor AND being an active collective member

Please email, if you have any questions.