The Berkeley Free Clinic provides lifetime dental care to a limited number of individuals who enter and win the monthly lottery.

For the individuals who have been taken on as clients via the lottery, we provide:

  • Dental examinations and check-ups
  • Dental cleanings
  • X-ray services
  • Fillings (plastic/composite and metal/amalgam)
  • Extractions

How do I enter the lottery to become a new lifetime client?

IMPORTANT: We are temporarily no longer hosting dental lotteries due to a high client volume. Please feel free to check back here for updates about when we will start hosting dental lotteries again. In the mean time, feel free to call our front desk at (510) 548-2570 for referrals that can meet your needs.

Dental lotteries typically occur on the first Wednesday of each month. The number of people we take in any lottery depends on the number of dentists and assistants we have on staff. We typically take one person per month but have taken up to four in the past.

To be eligible for the lottery you must complete a dental lottery slip (available at 5:30PM at the Berkeley Free Clinic) and submit it before 6PM into the lottery fish bowl. Only one entry per person is allowed in the monthly lottery. From 6PM to 6:30PM all participants in the dental lottery will watch an oral health presentation. The name chosen from the lottery is announced at 6:30PM.

On some lottery nights 40 people enter the monthly drawing. We recommend that those who are not selected enter in the next month's lottery. Please understand that we are a free clinic and our resources are limited.

The person(s) chosen from the lottery is eligible for lifetime treatment at the Berkeley Free Clinic.


Dental services are available by appointment Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-9PM, and Tuesday from 7-9PM. Please remember that dental services are only available to those who have entered and been chosen in a dental lottery.

Service Expansion to Friday Nights

Friday services applications are currently closed. We are temporarily not accepting any more applications. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Las solicitudes de los servicios dentales del viernes están cerradas. No aceptaremos más solicitudes temporalmente. Disculpe la inconveniencia.

Friday night dental services are specially reserved for refugees and immigrants who do not have access to Denti-Cal or other forms of dental coverage. If you identify as an immigrant or refugee without access to dental coverage and are interested in free dental services at our clinic, please complete this application.

Los servicios dentales del viernes por la noche están especialmente reservados para los refugiados e inmigrantes que no tienen acceso a Denti-Cal u otras formas de cobertura dental. Si usted se identifica como inmigrante o refugiado sin acceso a cobertura dental y está interesado en servicios dentales gratuitos en nuestra clínica, por favor complete esta solicitud.