The Information Resource Collective (IRC) is one of the oldest sections at the Berkeley Free Clinic. Throughout our long history we have been dedicated to providing all who contact us, whether over the phone or in the Clinic, with exceptional support and guidance to appropriate resources.

The IRC is the first point of contact for nearly all people seeking medical services from the Berkeley Free Clinic. The IRC staffs all phone lines at the clinic and refers people to the appropriate service section within the clinic or to outside organizations. We are dedicated to providing referrals that are not only appropriate given the medical concern but also appropriate given client's location, insurance status, ability to pay, and other relevant factors. We have up-to-date information on and good relationships with many Bay Area resources giving us the unique ability to provide the most helpful referrals. This is critical at the Berkeley Free Clinic because sadly we have to turn away many people.

The IRC also interacts heavily with the other sections to help collect preliminary information about new clients to whom we can provide medical services. The IRC staffs the Clinic every day to provide referral services and ensure the clinic is a safe space.

The Information Resource Collective (IRC) is NOT currently accepting applications. Please check back in November.

If you're interested in volunteering with the IRC please apply online. The application for the IRC is available here