If you are interested in getting more info about volunteering, please attend an All-Clinic Orientation (ACO).  ACOs take place the third Monday of every month at 7:30PM. You are also welcome to email us with questions.

The IRC is a section of the clinic devoted to health justice and the empowerment of our clients through information and connection to community resources that fit different individual’s needs.

We act as a “switchboard” to put people in touch with the services they seek. The IRC serves as the nucleus of the clinic during open-door hours, acting as guides for all clients at the clinic. Members of IRC have a wide-ranging role that includes maintaining an extensive library of local resources for services such as medical, dental, shelter, legal aid, and counseling. In addition, members provide referrals to Bay Area resources, conduct appointment taking, and manage the lobby and clinic space. Members also provide clients with hygiene supplies, safer sex supplies, and harm reduction kits for safer injection drug use.

Not only do members provide valuable information to enable our community to access available services, but they also gain a greater understanding of what our community has to offer. Through in person communication, telephone referrals, and our referral handouts, volunteers provide vital services to the community.