The Peer Counseling Collective is currently accepting applications!


Monday through Saturday the Peer Counseling Collective provides free, confidential peer counseling for individuals.

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • Believe in health care for people, not for profit!
  • Want to be part of a collective where there is no hierarchy and all decisions are made collectively
  • Are ready to explore issues of oppression and life challenges in a non-judgmental way
  • Are from all different backgrounds and have a range of experiences
  • Are eager to develop new skills and learn about yourself in the process
  • Commit to attending all classes and completing all training requirements
  • Can make a one-year commitment after completion of the training, which includes being a peer-counselor AND being an active collective member

Kasper and the GMHC's 30th Birthday

Kasper and the GMHC's 30th Birthday

2006 marked the 30th anniversary of our Gay Men's Health Collective (GMHC), and in true Berkeley Free Clinic fashion, we celebrated with a raucous burlesque show. “I still remember the cowboy who stripped while bouncing on the pogo stick,” said Jane Maxwell, a phlebotomy volunteer. But Kasper, the GMHC alum who organized much of the event, mostly remembers all the work it took to get the night off the ground.

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